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Why did you start your own rehab?

Wellvale Recovery Centre was founded by our family which was almost torn apart by addiction.

My name is Mitchell and I am the son of Tracy and Jacques. I am an addict and alcoholic in recovery. The reason we started a treatment facility was for quite a few reasons but the main reason being how addiction tore our family apart and recovery has not only brought us back together but has made us closer and stronger than ever as a family. Because of our experience through this entire process we have learnt quite a few things along the way and we have developed a real passion for recovery.

I am passionate about helping addicts to find recovery and my parents are passionate about helping addicts and sharing their experience and assisting families.

Along my journey to recovery I came across quite a few short falls within the system which need to be improved if we would like more addicts and alcoholics to stay in recovery, instead of having multiple relapses between different bouts of rehab. Rehab is costly in both time and money... We are aiming to reduce both the costs and the relapse rate by covering he short falls that we have discovered and we feel are so needed in the field of addiction treatment.

We are also not a facility who is focused on pushing numbers through our doors in order to make lots of money, we are focusing on having a smaller client base so that each person receives the treatment that they need and that nobody ever falls through the cracks. We are completely and utterly passionate about helping people get better in a holistic manner which we are not willing to waver from.

More about us to follow soon...

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