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Passionate About Rehabilitation

No one decides to become an addict. At Wellvale Recovery Centre we see addiction as a symptom of a larger illness, almost as an attempt to self medicate and keep that illness at bay. Here, our philosophy is different. We believe that treating an addiction is only part of the healing process. We look to rehabilitate the whole, Mind, Body and Soul.

Addiction rehabilitation is a process which we believe in with every fibre of our being. Each staff member at Wellvale Recovery Centre has been affected by addiction in one form or another. The counselling staff have not only studied and qualified in the field of addiction treatment, but are addicts and alcoholics themselves who have multiple years of recovery behind their names. We found this to be extremely important as nobody can teach and understand better than those who have walked the very same path as either yourself or your loved one.

We have a multi disciplinary team to ensure that we cover all aspects of addiction treatment, we have:

Male and Female Counsellors

Family Counsellors


Social Worker

Affiliated Doctor

Affiliated Psychiatrist

Affiliated Psychologist

Affiliated Dietitian

With each member of our team all offering their own unique experience, we are able to develop detailed and in depth personalised treatment programmes for each one of our patients. We ensure that we leave no stone un-turned in order to ensure that we do everything possible to assist individuals to get the help they need.

As a family that has been struck by the disease of addiction, the Directors of Wellvale Recovery Centre are passionate about helping the loved ones of the addict and alcoholic by offering their experience and guidance through this entire process as part of what we do and definitely at no extra charge. 

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At our rehabilitation centre, we use the twelve step program as the basis of our treatment. We aim to give you control of your life back, help you reconcile with your past and empower you to embrace the future.