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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What happens at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre?

Answer: Unfortunately we cannot account for all drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, however what we do at Wellvale Recovery Centre, we assess each patient on admission as to their physical, mental and emotional state, we complete a full assessment and depending on the outcome of the assessment, we then formulate a treatment plan that is best suited for them. The patient will stay at the facility for the duration of their treatment and the length of stay is discussed and agreed upon by the counselling staff and the family and/or treatment sponsor. During treatment all counselling, accommodation and meals are incorporated into the cost of treatment, these are not at an extra charge. 

FAQ: Affordable rehabs in South Africa?

Answer: Affordability for each person or family differs, there is no one single answer that we can give, it all comes down to your financial situation. In saying that, we at Wellvale Recovery Centre have made every effort possible to make treatment as affordable as possible without compromising on the quality of treatment, the facility, the meals, etc. We charge roughly the same amount per day that one would pay per day for a bed and breakfast. 

FAQ: Do I look for addiction treatment centres near me?

Answer: It is preferable that you do not choose an addiction treatment centre that is too close to home, reason being that if the individual receiving treatment decides to leave before their treatment is complete, it is just that much easier to get home and gives the individual more options and less of incentive to complete their treatment programme.

FAQ: Do you follow a particular religion or belief system?

We are a non-denominational facility. Each person is welcome to practice a belief system of their own choosing, one that makes sense to them. We encourage each person to find their own path to believe in whatever they may choose as it is a personal choice.

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