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Gourmet Meals

A sneak peak at some of the Delicious Meals that our clients receive whilst they are receiving treatment.

As part of our treatment at Wellvale Recovery Centre, food is a major part of the treatment of someone who is trying to make a full recovery from a life of drug/alcohol abuse. Diet forms an integral part of a person's health, not just their physical health but their mental health too. 

We also do believe that food should not only be healthy but it should be tasty as well, after all food feeds the mind, body and soul. 

Our meals are freshly prepared on the premises with quality ingredients, some grown on our property.  Freshly baked sourdough bread and homemade pastas from non GMO, stoneground, unbleached flours as well as homemade yoghurt to feed the microbiome of your stomach assisting to replace the necessary good bacteria for a healthy body and mind.  We offer a unique experience of homemade goodness that is hard to find in many other facilities.

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