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Treatment Program


Not everyone is ready to admit that they have a problem. Interventions can be a key component in getting someone to realise and understand that they have a problem and that they need help. We do offer intervention guidance at Wellvale Recovery Centre. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.


A telephonic pre-screening will need to be conducted to assess whether the individual will need to be hospitalized for detoxification.


Factors to be considered:
Drug of choice.

Amounts and length of time of use of the substance.

Method of use.


Co-existing psychiatric or medical conditions.


Holistic Treatment Program

Focusing on the Mind, Body & Spirit



Physical exercise releases endorphins into the brain and is a natural mood stabilizer. This is excellent for the body and helps to regulate emotions, sleep patterns and promotes a healthy body image.



We are non-denominational, people of all religious or non-religious backgrounds are welcome. We DO NOT insist on promoting any particular belief or religion, it is a personal choice that is left to the individual to decide for themselves. We only advise that clients believe in something greater than themselves, whatever or whoever that may be.



Daily meals are provided based on a menu designed by a dietician. Healthy eating restores the body and mind. We do not cater for special diets of any kind.



The 12 Step Program

The twelve-step program is the program that we use as to treat addiction. It is the programme that has proven to work in the lives of many addicts, and it is a process that we not only believe in but has shown worldwide that is highly effective in the treatment of addiction.

The twelve-step programme helps each individual to understand and comprehend why it is that they do the things they do and also equips them with the necessary tools to help them to live a happy and joyous life, free from substance abuse.

With the guidance of a counsellor and through the work of the step work, each client will get to unpack the wreckage of their lives, process past trauma and find a new way to live. In this process, their self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem will grow from strength to strength. This is a crucial element into helping our clients to find and maintain long term sobriety.  



Group sessions are carefully selected to cover a wide area of concerns that typically surrounds the nature of addiction.

Some of the group topics that are discussed are:

Self esteem

Self respect


Self awareness


Conflict management


Life purpose

Stages of relapse

Cross addiction

Emotional Maturity

Emotional intelligence

Identifying emotions




Anger management

Time management

Relapse prevention


A Family Disease

Addiction is a family disease and we treat it as such. One person may be using/drinking but the whole family suffers.

A lot of relationships are severely damaged or broken due to certain behaviours that are exhibited during active addiction. It is imperative for the addict/alcoholic to have a healthy environment to go back to once they have left treatment and are ready to  be reintegrated back into society. We encourage family members to take advantage of the family counselling sessions that we offer. This is all part of the treatment packages for those who are staying for 90 days or more.

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Confidential and Comprehensive

The 21 Day programme is a programme intended for those who have been through the recovery process before and need to come in for a regroup and refresh. This programme is jam packed full of information intended to help individuals to get a handle on their addictions before they get out of hand. The 21 day package is also catered for those who are still employed but need to get help. This programme takes dedication and hard work but the staff here at Wellvale Recovery Centre will work very closely with you to help you and give you the best guidance and treatment available.

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