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Why you should choose Wellvale Recovery Centre

Wellvale Recovery Centre. Rehabilitation center for the treatment of alcohol and substance abuse.

Are you looking for the best rehabilitation center near you?
Look no further than Wellvale Recovery Centre.
Based on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, we are a private facility that specialises in addiction treatment. Our team is passionate about helping you on your journey to recovery. We believe that a comprehensive outlook on addiction recovery is the best way to help our patients. Our team has both qualification in addiction treatment and first hand experience with addiction. So, if you are looking for the best rehab in KZN, look no further than Wellvale Recovery Centre.
Wellvale Recovery Centre is based on the Beautiful North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. The rehabilitation center used to be a four star lodge for many years and the owners of Wellvale Recovery Centre have kept that feel for the patients as the environment is exceptionally calm and peaceful which is perfect for healing. Anyone who visits the facility will be able to enjoy wonderful views of the natural and untouched vegetation of the Umdloti River and the surrounding natural eco-system of rural KwaZulu-Natal.  

More About Wellvale

Passionate about recovery!

Small number of clients


Exercise & Nutrition
Affordable & Competitive Rates
Non Denominational
12 Step Programme

The staff at Wellvale Recovery Centre have their own personal experience with addiction which is irreplaceable as they can not only use their theoretical knowledge but their own personal experience for both the addict receiving treatment and their families as well.

At Wellvale Recovery Centre we only admit a maximum of 10 clients at a time, the reason behind this is because we want to ensure that each client is receiving the highest level of care from the staff and that no client falls through the cracks and does not receive the care that they so desperately need.

Having the beach nearly on our doorstep, we take our clients down to the beach for some vitamin D and for some time to appreciate the truly wonderful surroundings that KZN has to offer. 

Everyday there are exercise classes that are given by our very own Personal Trainer, who uses Functional Fitness along with other techniques to assist patients with the boost of endorphin levels to the brain to get their bodies back to full health. We do also host Yoga classes accompanied by meditation to assist the mind to focus on the present and to calm the thoughts. All the meals are cooked on site using only the highest quality ingredients. Daily Sourdough Breads are made on site and the entire menu has been checked and approved by our affiliated dietitian.

Our rates are very competitive and it is one of our main focuses, to ensure that we are competitive within the market and putting your wallet at the forefront of our minds. Addiction Treatment is expensive but it does need to break the bank! Contact us to get a copy of our rates.

We are a Non Denominational Facility, patients of all different religious and spiritual beliefs are welcome. We do not push any one faith or viewpoint, as long as the patient believes in something greater than themselves, we do not push as to what that could or should be, it can and must be completely of their own choosing.

Each patient receives an individualised treatment programme that is suited for them and their specific needs and each treatment plan is derived from the original 12 step programme being used as the base.

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