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GHB, G, Liquid E

GHB Drug Treatment


Used for calming and euphoric effects. Happiness and general sense of well-being is experienced. Some report increased sexual arousal. In large enough doses, GHB has been known as one of the ‘date-rape’ drugs due to its sedative effect as well as the amnesia that it causes.


Signs and Symptoms

The most common appearance when consumed is a complete unawareness of their surroundings. Other signs may include:

> Incoherent communication
> Wild body motions
> Repeatedly falling
> Flailing arms and legs
> Eye rolling

Some believe that using GHB helps for muscle building as well as enhance sexual desire.


Methods of Use

> Orally

Adverse Effects

> Loss of inhibitions
> Aggressive behaviour
> Memory loss
> Uncoordinated body movements
> Confusion
> Possible lethal overdose
> Nausea and vomiting
> Dizziness
> Drowsiness
> Slurred speech
> Headaches


Overdose Potential

Safe doses is very difficult to determine which makes overdosing potentially high. There is a potential of severe respiratory depression or arrest, choking on their own vomit, falling into a coma or even death.


GHB can easily cause a physical dependence, resulting in excruciating withdrawal symptoms. Like alcohol, withdrawal can be life-threatening.

> Anxiety
> Insomnia
> Agitation
> Tremors
> Rapid heart rate
> Increased blood pressure
> Psychosis
> Delirium



> Self-help organizations – Talking with others who also have a disorder have been proven to be very effective.
> Therapy – Behaviour therapy or cognitive behaviour therapy is a proven evidence based therapy teaching skills to reduce the urges. Find a licensed practitioner.


Why choose Wellvale Recovery Centre?

We are a treatment centre specialising in the treatment of addictive disorders. Our individualised approach to treating addiction is based on international standards and includes the many proven modalities in the treatment of addiction.

​Key focus areas for an effective treatment programme:

> Family involvement – family participation in the treatment of any addiction is crucial for the long term recovery of their loved one.
> Individualised treatment – underlying issues prolonging any addiction is based on the individual and therefore individual treatment plans are an important component to effective treatment of addiction by a qualified professional counsellor.
> 12 step programme – Twelve step programmes have proven highly effective in the treatment of addiction and starts forming the solid foundation in early recovery. It is also used as the platform to the introduction of self-help organisations, forming part of the aftercare.
> Aftercare – Stopping the addiction of the physical substance is only the foundation phase in the treatment of addiction. A carefully drawn up aftercare plan is crucial to sustain long-term recovery.


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