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Affordable Addiction Rehab

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

One of the biggest factors affecting families today are their finances and finding affordable addiction rehab. By the time someone is ready to attend rehab, they have often exhausted not only their own funds but the families funds as well.

So what happens next?

Well there are a few options, one being free government treatment, the other being a private rehabilitation center. But private treatment is often expensive and not everyone has large sums of money just lying around. This is the biggest barrier that stops people from receiving the treatment that they so desperately need. Well there might just be a few options available that might help relieve some of that pressure and make treatment more affordable. Instead of having to fork out large sums of money, what if you could pay it off monthly, just like a car payment? Changing it into more bite sized pieces that don't make it impossible....

Well luckily in South Africa there are companies that make this an option. Some of the options are: Taking a personal loan from one of the accredited South African Banks. A medical Loan from the following Companies:


RCS Cash Loan

Then there are still options available such as crown funding with family and friends.

These options make rehab more accessible to the average South African family and that is great news. We hope that people who need help will find this article helpful and that they could possibly find a solution to their problem.

For more information on these please contact the companies directly by clicking on the above links.

At Wellvale recovery Centre, we try to keep our costs as low as we can without compromising the quality of our treatment. We have gone to great lengths to try and do this to the best of our ability. We are a family owned business and we understand exactly what it is like as we have been there ourselves. We are not here to rip the carpet out from families who are struggling and desperate, which is why we only admit those who are serious about recovery and getting better.

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