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What does rehab cost?

Updated: Jul 8

In today's economic climate, finding an affordable rehab for yourself or for your loved one can be tricky to say the least.

You need to ask yourself the question of, "what can I afford? What is my budget? What do I expect to get for my money?"

Taking those considerations into account, rehab is expensive, no doubt about that. Rehabs in South Africa range from Hundreds of thousands of Rand per month to roughly R7 000 per month and those are not counting the state-owned rehabs which are free.

When calling to find out about treatment, ask questions, find out about the treatment program, the food, the medical care, the number of clients to each staff member, etc. These are all very important pieces of information to have so that you can make an informed decision. Also perhaps ask if you can go and view the facility and meet some of the staff. If there is resistance to that, that should already be a little red flag that goes off in your mind. Also ask if the treatment centre focuses more on one particular area of treatment, whether it be the physical aspect, the mental aspect or the spiritual aspect. (Personally we believe in a healthy balance of all three, but everyone is different.)

Choosing a treatment centre is an investment

Choosing a rehabilitation centre is an investment in your loved one, you are investing in their well-being and their life. People invest in all sorts of things in an attempt to get their loved one on the straight and narrow. They buy cars, houses, flats, invest in new college or varsity courses and the list goes on.

What if I told you that treatment at Wellvale Recovery Centre costs less per day than a stay at your average bed and breakfast? Well it does... We believe in offering affordable, comprehensive treatment for our clients and their families. Give us a call, chat to us, come and visit us, our doors are always open. If you don't choose us, no problem, hopefully you will know more about what to look for that suits your needs.

What have you got to lose?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you,

Kindest Regards,

Mitchell Curtis

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