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Cost of Rehab in the UK

The cost of rehabilitation in the United Kingdom can be exceptionally high, exceeding well over £1,200 per week... This means that treatment for a period of 28 days exceeds well over £4,800 per cycle.

This means that rehabilitation for a large amount of people who live in the UK just cannot afford treatment. Due to this there has been a rising demand for people looking for treatment outside of the UK and specifically in places such as South Africa. Due to the exchange rate, it makes perfect sense for people in the UK to seek treatment in South Africa, because what they would usually pay for one 28 day cycle in the UK, can often nearly cover the full cost of treatment for 90 days at a well established rehabilitation facility in South Africa. This is also including flights to and from the UK.

Addiction treatment center.
Rehabilitation Center in South Africa

Wellvale Recovery Centre caters specifically for our international clients, because not only are our rates exceptionally affordable, but our clients also get the authentic, African experience, whilst they are here receiving their treatment. There are also a lot of added benefits that the clients receive whilst attending treatment.

  • Excursions

  • No more than 7 - 10 clients admitted at any given time

  • Group Personal Training

  • 1 -1 Counselling

  • Group Counselling

  • Tucked away in Nature

  • Access to World Class Medical Treatment

  • Trips to the Beach

  • Airport shuttle service

  • Family Counselling for the loved ones

  • Etc...

Wellvale Recovery Centre is dedicated to the absolute highest level of service to our clients and we aim to keep our rates not only competitive but also affordable to those who are serious about their recovery.

Receiving treatment in a completely new environment and removing the old temptations and familiarity's from home are exceptionally beneficial to someone who is trying to make a recovery from a life of addiction. Why not come to sunny South Africa and get the treatment that you need.... Save yourself, the lives of those around you and also, save your pocket!

Contact us today to enquire about the costs or for additional information regarding our treatment programmes and what we offer at Wellvale Recovery Centre...

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