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How do you stop taking drugs and/or alcohol?

Updated: May 4, 2023

The best way on how to stop taking drugs and alcohol is to book yourself/ your loved one into treatment as soon as possible. Removing access to drugs and alcohol is the very first priority. As long as you or the individual has access to their substance of choice, the chances of recovery or slim to none.

Once a telephonic pre screening has been completed and the person has been admitted to treatment, the individual can be assessed as to whether there is a need for a physical detox or not and this is usually determined by our doctor. During this time, t

here will also be an assessment to determine whether there are any co occurring mental disorders that would require psychiatric treatment. In the case that the addiction specialist team feel that there are co occurring mental disorders, an appointment will be made with the affiliated psychiatrist, with the consent of the family, to have the person assessed and if need be, have the appropriate medication prescribed.

Once the person has been admitted, the individual can begin their treatment. This is where they will learn and understand why it is that they abuse substances and why they cannot stop once they have started. They will also learn how to start living a life that is free from mind and mood altering substances and how to have a life filled with purpose, happiness, joy and freedom from addiction.

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