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What is Addiction & Can It Be Cured?

This is a common question that we get asked all the time and the simple truth is that no, addiction cannot be cured. However it can be stopped and the person who is addicted to the substance can live a life free of using mind and mood altering substances.

Unfortunately we live in a society where we have been led to believe that everything can be cured with a pill, a jab or some sort of medication, however this is not necessarily the truth with addicts and addiction as a whole.

Addiction is a disease and once a person is addicted to a substance, substances or toxic behaviours, they lose the ability to control when they will use, how and to what extent. They never regain control either, they need to learn a new way of life that treats the cause as to why they began using the substance in the first place.

There is no magic pill or treatment that will cure addiction as a whole. Addiction is a disease that manifests itself in the mind of the sufferer and can only be combated by the individual learning as to what the signs and symptoms are and being shown/ taught how to deal with those signs and symptoms, but it will be a lifelong recovery journey. Yes, it does require some hard work, especially in the beginning stages of recovery but a life in recovery is infinitely better than that of active addiction.

Nobody can force an addict to get better, it is something that they have to decide for themselves, only once they have decided that they no longer want to live a life in active addiction, do they stand a chance at recovery.

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