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what is an alcoholics dilemma

The quick answer is, "because they're an alcoholic".

Yes, that may be true, but what makes a person an alcoholic?

Most people in society think that alcoholics are people who have no moral compass, poor values, come from a bad home, etc. What if I told you that that is in fact complete and utter nonsense? Yes some of those aspects might add to the alcoholics problem but that isn't the reason why they can't stop drinking once they start and why they can never seem to stay sober for very long, even once swearing off drinking for good.

Seems a bit strange don't you think?

What is an alcoholics dilemma?

Alcoholism as a disease is very complex and if left untreated, it has proven to be exceptionally fatal. Alcoholism is also one of the only diseases known to mankind that actually manages to convince the sufferer that he/she does not suffer from the disease. This is the reason why so many alcoholics never receive treatment because they are in complete and utter denial around their disease and often, the severity of their disease.

How do I know this? Well I am an alcoholic in recovery and when I was in the midst of my alcoholism I could not see that my drinking and my behaviour was the root of all my problems. I honestly and truly believed that I had everything under control and that I could start and stop drinking whenever I pleased. After many years of my life just getting worse and worse and me trying everything I knew to stop drinking, eventually I conceded defeat and realised that I couldn't stop drinking on my own. This was a shattering and soul destroying realization but one that was absolutely necessary.

But the question was, now what? Am I destined to drink until I die? Do I just go and take my life? What do I do? I'd already been to the doctors, the psychiatrists, taken the pills and none of that worked... Luckily I had met someone who was just like me, but they had managed to stop drinking for over two and a half hears by that time. He said to me that I needed rehab and that is exactly what I did. To my amazement, I didn't need to be put on medication for the rest of my life, or join some strange religious cult, I didn't have to be locked away somewhere either. I got taught a very simple way of living that would remove the drink problem from me for as long as I followed this new way of life...

Well that was five years ago now and I haven't had any inkling to want to go back to drinking. I also don't have to hide away from alcohol being around me. I can go anywhere and do anything without the desire to drink. That is truly amazing to me.... To my amazement so few people know about this and that is one of the reasons why I have now made it part of my life's work, to help alcoholics just like me, who are hopeless, desperate to stop drinking and who want a new way of life...

There is a new way of life that is free from active alcoholism and I can help you get there... It is never too late.

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