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My Journey From Active Addiction to Recovery Finale

My parents tried literally everything to help me. They took me to doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and even traditional healers but nothing ever helped, in fact I got labelled as Bipolar, split personality disorder, depression & anxiety disorder just to name a few. Of course this suited me perfectly at the time because this meant that nothing I was doing was my fault and I continued to blame everyone else. Of course I never told the truth around my drinking and using because how could I? I wasn't going to risk having my best friend, my lifeline, my saviour (drugs and alcohol) be taken away from me... I wouldn't survive without it...

Not long afterwards a few very serious things happened in my life, one being the writing off of my car and a few others eventually brought my parents to their knees. I left them with no choice but to kick me out of the house because I was killing them through my behaviour and in all honesty, at the time I didn't see how what I was doing was affecting them... But I had already tried to quit my drinking and drugging a few times on my own, I had even started going to meetings but I just couldn't stay away. I always relapsed and each relapse was worse than the one before.

My last relapse broke my parents and finally broke me. When I got kicked out the house and I had nobody left to turn to, not my parents, I had no friends left and now I was homeless. By the grace of my folks I got offered one last life line and it was the one thing that I had refused many times before.... Rehab....

I went to rehab and honestly I have never looked back since. My parents kicking me out that day honestly and truly saved my life. I don't think I'd be alive today if they hadn't done that....

Recovery saved me from a life of absolute hell and torture. I was on the brink of suicide daily and I wish I could paint a picture for you to show you what the hell of active addiction looks like but I can't. All I can do is share my experience with you and hope that whoever is reading this finds hope, whether it be for yourself or for your loved one. Recovery is possible! I shouldn't be alive today after some of the shit that I've done and yet here I am, busy writing this blog, clean and sober for over three years and eight months.

Please share this to anyone and everyone who you think might need to hear this message...

We Do Recover!

Much Love,


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