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What happens in rehab?

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Rehabs in South Africa have been given a bad name because of a few bad apples. Rehab is not a place of punishment or hard physical labour. Rehab is also not a holiday resort where one goes to just take a break from their life and from reality either. Rehab is a place where people who are suffering from the disease of addiction go in order to learn how to change their lives so that they can stop relying on drugs and alcohol to get them through their daily lives. The drug and alcohol abuse is and has caused chaos in their lives and they desperately want to stop but have no idea how to.

A rehabilitation centre should be teaching addicts about their addiction, why they are addicted to their substance of choice and then equipping them with the necessary life tools to be able to leave treatment. This will then enable the addict to live a happy life in recovery and free from the use of mind and mood altering substances.

Rehabilitation from any substance is a process. The individual needs to be diagnosed and understand that they are addicted to whatever they are abusing. Once they understand and acknowledge that they are in fact addicted, the process of recovery can then begin. This process is found to be extremely effective using the 12 step process. Millions of people across the globe have found long term recovery using the 12 step recovery process.

In rehab you do not:

Get Physically Assaulted.

Forced to do hours and hours of hard labour.

Pumped full of medication.

Chained to a bed.


Rehab from the addiction of substances or processes is educating the individual as to how and why they do the things that they do. It is teaching them about how their brain works. Rehab is an opportunity to restart ones life and to live a life completely different to the way they were living before.

At Wellvale Recovery Centre we believe in a holistic approach where we treat the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of the addict. We use the twelve step recovery process and we believe in a nurturing and educational approach. We believe in digging to the very cause of what our patients' core issues are and treating those primary causes, we do not just treat the symptoms of the addiction which is the physical using and or taking of their chosen substance. We also educate the loved ones and supporters of the addict as well as offer them comprehensive support and counselling if they would like.

Choosing the correct treatment out of all of the rehabilitation options in South Africa for you or your loved one is probably one of the MOST important decisions anyone can ever make because it can make the difference between life and death for the addict.

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