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My Son's an Addict...

I watched my delightful son go from a happy, healthy and confident young child slowly slip into a dark place as he entered his teenage years, and it didn’t matter what I tried or said it just didn’t seem to change anything. The harder I tried to hold onto the relationship the more it seemed to slip away. Everyone kept telling me that’s what it’s like with sons however I didn’t believe that because I always knew we had such a special bond, I’ve never been a mother who tried to suffocate you and control what you did or who you were with, I tried to guide you with sharing my life experiences and encourage you to try different positive things in life and to surround yourself with people who added value to your life and made you feel good about yourself. This too didn’t seem to make any impact. You then moved out of home eager to spread your wings, again I was told this is what young men need however was never comfortable with it because I always had this uneasy feeling that danger was always lurking and true to my intuitive nature a few unnecessary and unsavoury events happened. You then moved back home and that’s when we started realising this was more than just a young man going through his wild days and for years I didn’t sleep as I was constantly worrying about you, even when you were in your room, I could hear you were up to nonsense. The poor decision making, underhanded behaviour and deceitfulness eventually pushed me to the edge, and it came down to choosing myself and my sanity or to carry on enabling your undesirable behaviour and life choices. This led to us kicking you out and you choosing to send yourself to rehab and since that day our family has never looked back, and I now have my wonderful son back and we are both constantly working on our relationship which is growing from strength to strength as we heal.

The reason for me wanting to get involved is because I believe the support of the family is imperative in the rehabilitation of an addict however support doesn’t mean ENABLING and that’s the message I want to share with the families and significant others in an addict’s life – Enable the addict and you will bury the addict!

Addiction is not just substance abuse it is gambling, sex, gaming and many other behavioural maladies.

10% of the world’s population suffers from this and the sooner we can all talk about it and seek help the better for all concerned, it is Absolutely nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of!

I am forever grateful that my son is on the right road to recovery and would like to help other people get their loved ones back too – It is achievable and that is our goal at Wellvale Recovery Centre!

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